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There are many different AED manufacturers on the market. The owner of Chesapeake AED Services is a 25 year veteran paramedic who has used defibrillators and then Automated External Defibrillators. He was involved with the first pilot program of AED’s in the state of Maryland. There is a Physio Control LifePak AED for any application, from the value priced LifePak Express, to the ease of use Automatic model LifePak CR Plus , to the professional use LifePak 1000 the only AED tested that passed all the requirement to be deployed on the International Space Station. We are so confident in the Physio Control LifePak line of AED’s that they are the only brand we recommend.

Physio Control Lifepak Aed’s
Physio Control LifePak AED’s

The choice professionals use:

  • More professional use LifePak devices than any other manufacturer.
  • LifePak defibrillators have been used in more medical emergencies than any other manufacturer.
  • Every product Physio Control develops and sells is clinically validated and backed by science

360 Joules:(joules is a measurement of electricity)

  • Some patients are difficult to defibrillate, over half of patients require multiple shocks
  • The FDA reports 14 events since 2006 where 200 joules or less shocks were ineffective and a subsequent shock of 360 joules resulted in defibrillation
  • Physio Control AED’s are the only AED’s capable of providing 360 joules
  • There is a clear clinical upside to having 360 joules-but no downside
  • There are many jurisdictions whose first shock protocol is now 360 joules

Ease of Use

  • The automatic model is a 2 step operation, turn it, on apply pads…it’s that easy
  • The CR Plus AED will automatically shock a patient if it’s needed. It will not shock someone who does not need it.
  • Clear concise voice prompts calmly guide the lay rescuer through the process.

Safeguard Power System

The most common cause of AED failure is a dead battery

  • The LifePak CR plus and LifePak Express have a dual battery system. There is an internal rechargeable battery that never needs replacement. There is also a Charge Pak that keeps the internal battery at 100 %. The charge pak gets replaced every 2 year with the electrodes. Should someone forget to check the AED periodically or go beyond the 2 year replacement the AED will still function

Low Cost of Ownership

  • Some AED batteries can cost as much as $400.00
  • The LifePak AED’s charge paks cost approximately $100.00 and include 2 sets of adult electrodes.
  • Since the charge pak and electrodes are replaced at the same time there is no headache of replacing the battery one month and electrodes at another month. They are synchronized.