Choking: First Aid

VIDEO: Heimlich Maneuver Saves Woman’s Life!

Do you know what to do if someone near you starts choking? If not, you are not alone.  In fact, there seems to be a worldwide consensus that being CPR certified or even knowledgeable in basic first aid is optional.  And, while this is the case, the truth is first aid training is a way … Continued

Where You Buy an AED is Important

Sudden cardiac arrest can affect anyone, young or old, healthy or ill.  It can happen anywhere and often does when you least expect it to. One of the only ways to save someone who is suffering from cardiac arrest is to deliver a shock to them in order to reset the irregular heartbeat that is … Continued

Why Get Certified in First Aid and CPR?

Sudden cardiac arrest claims the lives of thousands of people every year. In the United States alone over 300,000 people require First Aid assistance and CPR because they are suffering a cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, most people experiencing a cardiac arrest do not receive the emergency aid required to save their life. With the survivor rate … Continued

Medical Emergency First Aid: 8 Ways Your Training Can Help

Learning First Aid is one of the best life skills anyone can acquire.  You never know when an emergency might strike or when you might need to apply those skills to someone that is injured.  Having an understanding of basic First Aid treatment may turn what was initially a very serious situation into a more … Continued

What is an AED?

Did you know that each year more than 420,000 people find themselves in need of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) due to out-of-hospital cardiac arrests? Understanding the severity of cardiac arrests and how to handle them outside of a hospital setting is important, even for non-medical personnel.  Using an AED is one of the surest … Continued

Blended CPR Certification vs. Online CPR Certification

Being CPR certified is a pretty empowering thing. Employers are impressed with candidates that are CPR trained because it demonstrates their ability to act quickly, efficiently, and their level of dedication. The confidence that a CPR certification gives a person is applied to every aspect of their lives, whether at work or at home. But … Continued

AHA 2015 Scientific Sessions

AHA 2015 session at chesapeake AED services, Maryland

On Friday November 6, 2015, our Training Center Administrator and AHA Professional Councilmember William Keenan travelled to Orlando, FL for the AHA’s 2015 Scientific Sessions. On Friday, the ECC Committee presented the new guidelines for CPR instruction. There are many new and exciting changes for both the Healthcare Provider levels and the Heartsaver (Lay-Provider) levels. … Continued

National Eating Healthy Day 2015

National Eating Healthy Day 2015 National Eating Healthy Day is on November 4. It is a great day to start some new habits that might just stick. You will start to see a difference in how you feel and look when you adopt healthy behaviors. By adopting a healthy diet, you will not only add … Continued

How a Woman Can Spot a Heart Attack

How a Woman Can Spot a Heart Attack A heart attack strikes someone about every 34 seconds, according to the American Heart Association. Typically, we associate heart attacks with men, but did you know that heart disease is the number one killer for women? The problem is that women feel different symptoms, or pain, than men … Continued

New Updated Guidelines for CPR

New Updated Guidelines for CPR Updated resuscitation guidelines refine how fast and how deep chest compressions should be during CPR – although it’s unlikely that a non-professional rescuer will notice. The new rate of chest compressions is 100 to 120 compressions, or pushes, per minute, compared to “at least 100” in previous guidelines, according to the American Heart Association. For … Continued