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Carbonated Beverages Linked to Cardiac Arrest

Last Updated: October 17, 2019

Carbonated Beverages Linked to Cardiac Arrest

Carbonated Beverages Linked to Cardiac ArrestCarbonated beverages are associated with out-of-hospital cardiac (OHCA) arrests of cardiac origin, according to results from the All-Japan Utstein Registry presented for the first time at ESC Congress. The study in nearly 800,000 patients suggests that limiting consumption of carbonated beverages may be beneficial for health.

The analysis focused on the 785,591 OHCA cases that received resuscitation, of which 435,064 (55.4%) were of cardiac origin and 350,527 (44.6%) were of non-cardiac origin. Those of non-cardiac origin included cerebrovascular disease, respiratory disease, malignant tumour, and exogenous disease.

The researchers found that expenditures on carbonated beverages were significantly associated with OHCAs of cardiac, but not non-cardiac origin.

“Carbonated beverage consumption was significantly and positively associated with OHCAs of cardiac origin in Japan, indicating that beverage habits may have an impact on fatal cardiovascular disease (CVD),” said Professor Saku. “The acid in carbonated beverages might play an important role in this association.”

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