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Maryland CPR in the Schools Campaign

Last Updated: October 17, 2019

Chesapeake AED Services was in Annapolis Tuesday February 19, 2013 in support a current CPR Bill aimed at making CPR Certification a requirement for High School graduation. Advocates, survivors, and legislators gathered at the House of Delegates in Annapolis for a heart healthy breakfast and to discuss the importance of bystander CPR, the bridge between life and death for victims of cardiac arrest. There are too few CPR-trained citizens in the state of Maryland and this bill would continually increase the pool of these individuals, increasing the out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest survival rate which is currently at 11%. Brain damage starts to occur within 4 to 6 minutes, the average Emergency Medical Services (EMS) response time is 6 to 12 minutes. You are the only chance of saving the life of that person.

CPR Training is actually included in the current Maryland State Curriculum under Health Education but this is still not a requirement for graduation. Recently the American Heart Association found that the standard is not evenly being carried out among Maryland’s 24 school districts, which needs to change. A generation of live savers can start now, support Senate Bill 929 and House Bill 1417 and help create a culture that WILL save lives.

AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators) do not save lives, AED programs save lives. Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) is placing AED’s into the hands of the public to help someone in cardiac arrest, training lay responders in their use, as well as maintaining the devices to ensure proper function.  Guard your organization or workplace from the threat of cardiac arrest, the number killer of adults in the United States. A death due to cardiac arrest can and does result in a loss of a valued customer or employee, reduced productivity and morale, liability lawsuits, and rises in insurance rates. Chesapeake AED Services is the expert in implementing and maintaining PAD programs arming the public with the power to save a life.

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