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Having AEDs close at hand is only the beginning of a truly effective lifesaving solution for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). The right AED program for your workplace or community organization helps you ensure that your defibrillators are in the right place, and in operational condition. It helps you ensure your staff knows what to look for in the event of SCA, and how to respond. And it ensures that your organization has an ally as you navigate the regulations that come with a large scale AED deployment. Although not everyone can be saved from SCA, studies show that early defibrillation can dramatically improve survival rates.



Heart Safe Solution Care Premium Plan

As effective as AEDs are, implementing and managing them properly requires planning and regular

management. Most organizations don’t have time to start and maintain that kind of a program. And

factors like regulatory requirements, multiple locations, and the potential lack of a safety manager on

staff can make the challenge even greater. That’s why the right technology needs the right support.

With a Heart Safe Solution from Physio-Control, you get a comprehensive AED implantation and

management program custom-designed for the way your company works. We provide the guidance

you need at every step, from implementation, training, and regulations to maintenance, support, and

review. You get peace of mind knowing that your workplace is ready.

A Heart Safe Solution also gives your business an advantage it won’t find with any other solution: The

Physio-Control Team. No other company knows our AEDs like we do – we build the CR Plus, and that

gives us the data access and deep insight that can help [you make better decisions about your


With Physio-Control, you’ll have a single point of contact for all the pieces of your program, so you

always know where to turn for readiness and management help. We do not outsource customer

service like other AED program providers. Your dedicated Account Service Representative works for

Physio-Control and for you.


 Dedicated Physio Control Account Support Representative (ASR)

 Program development and ongoing management

 Proactive maintenance and training reminders

 ASR program check-in every 6 months


 Proprietary software tracks all AED program components

 Intuitive dashboards and electronic reminders

 Single user-friendly tracking location

 Tracks other equipment (smoke detectors, emergency kits, safety supplies)

 Includes unique AED implementation templates


 Complete AED prescription

 Ongoing medical oversight

 State registration and prescription support


 Response by national network of certified service engineers

 Post-event data download from AED

 Clinical event data review by medical director

 Optional onsite counseling services

 HIPAA-compliant patient data transfer

 Reports filed in accordance with local regulations

 Same support as hospital and ambulance customers


 Customizable program reporting

 Quarterly program and site compliance audit

 Exclusive Physio-Control compliance benchmarking

 Monthly status updates via ASR-customer call

 Additional post-event support services: AED inspection/testing and immediate supply



 Precise tracking of AED supplies status

 Automatic shipment of replacement pads and batteries before expiration


 Latest guidelines on Emergency Cardiac Care


 Strategic AED placement evaluation for all locations

 Certified, highly trained industry experts

 Detailed implementation and record-keeping tools

*Customize your Heart Safe Solution with additional options including CPR/AED training, AED

Challenge online training program and more*