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Under OSHA Respiratory Protection standard 1910.134, all employers are required to provide Respirator Fit Tests to their employees – if the work environment produces potentially inhalable respiratory contaminants. These tight field mask Respiratory Fit Tests must be completed annually.

It only takes one employee report or complaint to start an investigation, and OSHA may impose hefty fines on the employer. Our Fit Testing services help ensure that never happens!

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Respirator Fit Tests

A Respirator Fit Test certifies that the user is properly fitted for a respirator, to test the seal between your face and the respirator.

During a Respiratory Fit Test, the user is trained how to properly use the respirator. Before each use, the user must complete a self-directed user seal check.

A certified fit test must be obtained annually.

The two types of Fit Test methods are Qualitative Fit Testing (QLFT) and Quantitative Fit Testing (QNTF).

We provide Fit Testing services at your workplace or at our office. Since we serve businesses of all sizes in all industries, our customers appreciate that we come directly to your workplace.

You can get Fit Tested at your office!

There is no need to come to our office – we will come to you. If you would like to be Fit Tested in our Baltimore office, you can do that too!

We serve all of the following areas, and everywhere in-between:

  • Baltimore, and the surrounding area
  • Annapolis, Maryland
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Dover, Delaware
  • Millsboro, Delaware
  • Fairfax, Virginia
  • Alexandria, Virginia
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Call us today at (410) 238-2242 to speak with a Respirator Fit Testing expert and set up an appointment at your location!

During your Fit Test, you will don the respirator and we will perform the test. We will provide basic training, covering the proper usage, maintenance procedures, and storage practices.

Due to strict OSHA requirements, we serve all businesses and industries that have work environment that produces potentially inhalable respiratory contaminants.

  • Healthcare practices
  • Physician practices
  • Dentist practices
  • Surgical Centers and Hospitals
  • Nursing homes and facilities
  • Automotive painting and spray-painting companies
  • Airplane and automotive mechanics
  • Demolition and construction companies
  • Pest Control companies

There are two kinds of respirator fit tests: Qualitative and Quantitative. Chesapeake AED Services serve Baltimore and the surrounding area.

Qualitative Fit Testing (QLFT)

Quantitative Fit Testing (QNFT)