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The Value of a Life

Last Updated: October 17, 2019

When speaking with potential clients, one of the first questions they ask is, How Much?  Legitimate question, Yes.  However, this is a key indicator that my work has just begun.  Implementing an effective AED Program is not about just purchasing an AED.  There are many aspects to consider to effectively implement an AED Program.  Someone once said to me “AED’s do not save lives.  AED PROGRAMS Save Lives!” It’s not a matter of purchasing an AED and hanging it on the wall.  Effective programs take time, training, proper planning and on-going maintenance.  Not to mention, the Laws and Regulations that change every so often.  Trying to keep up with everything can be overwhelming and a daunting task for most.  One of my clients compared it to herding kittens.  (Insert laugh here)

There are many things to consider when implementing an AED Program.  In this and upcoming blogs, I will touch on most of the topics to consider before and after purchasing an AED.  Here at Chesapeake AED Services, we take special care to educate our clients on every aspect of implementing an AED Program.  We will guide you through the process and make recommendations based on your needs to properly implement an effective lifesaving AED program.  I hope these series of blogs is helpful and very informative.  If you would like more information, please check out our NEW website, for a complete resource of information or feel free to give me a call.

So Really, What is the TOTAL cost?

With the ever growing initiative where no one dies from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, AED’s have become more obtainable, economical therefore more widespread throughout the nation.  AED’s can range in cost depending on the unit and its functionality.  When implementing an effective AED program it’s a lot more than just purchasing an AED.  Cabinets, training, the AED, maintenance programs, can add up but are essential for an effective AED program.  Although, you can’t put a price tag on a person’s life and implementing an AED program is an investment, you want to know the TOTAL cost when comparing companies to work with.  What some companies fail to explain up front is the on-going cost over the life span of your AED. Most are so consumed, with the upfront cost of an AED and what goes into having an effective AED Program that they forget to research the on-going cost further adding to your total investment.

Some companies offer Programs that assist with the on-going maintenance saving time and money but do not keep you in compliance leaving that up to you!  Although, these programs sound effective and take a lot of work out of the equation most of the work is in keeping with State and Federal Laws and Regulations which vary from state to state.  It is preferred by most and recommended to have a complete program that keeps you compliant as well as maintain your AED through its life span.  If you plan on taking the time to understand and research the State and Federal regulations for having an AED than a basic Program Management will work for you.  If you want the re-assurance of knowing everything is taking care of than choose a program that covers both.  Be sure to ask the difference prior to purchasing.  Compliance with State and Federal Requirements is a must.   Be sure you are getting a program that does just that as well as assist with overall maintenance of the AED.

Although, it is not required to have any type of Program Management or Maintenance Program, proper maintenance is a crucial in having an effective AED Program.  There is nothing worse than not having an AED but having an AED that is not rescue ready.  Meaning proper electrodes that are not expired and the battery is fully charged at all times.  AED’s have expirations on their electrodes as well as the battery.  Electrodes typically expire every two years.  Batteries often vary in expiration depending on the brand.  This adds an additional cost that may vary, anywhere from $50.00 to $500.00 further adding to your overall cost not to mention TIME.  Our best seller, the Life Pak Cr Plus, has the typical two year expiration on the electrodes and no expiration on the battery!  One of the unique features of the CR Plus is its “External Battery” or better known as the “Charge-Pak”.  The “Charge-Pak” ensures that the internal battery will never be without charge.  One less thing for you to have to worry about!  With this unit, the electrodes and “Charge-Pak” simultaneously expire.  Even easier to maintain, conveniently saving time and money! It comes in a kit and is very easy to replace the “Charge-Pak”.  Even if you do not properly install the “Charge-Pak” the internal battery will hold a charge for up to a year and will still shock!  You can see the cost of the replacement electrodes and batteries on our web store.  Overall, the Life Pak CR Plus is one of our lowest overall costing units on the market today.

In conclusion, there are many topics to consider before implementing an AED program.  We touched on just a few today:

  • What is the On-Going Cost for Maintenance for this AED?
  • Do I want the responsibility of Maintaining the AED?
  • Do I want the responsibility of Complying with Federal and State laws and regulations?
  • Maintenance Program vs. Complete AED Programs?

I hope this information was useful.  Stay tuned next Wednesday for the next topic on Implementing a Successful AED Program.  Want to know more? Check the American Heart Associations, Top 10 things to consider when purchasing an AED.