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“I am sending this email to Calvert Hall grads that I can think of off the top of my head that own/work in larger companies. Ones that might/should have AED’s. For all much younger than me, this should be (I think) the equivalent of “liking” Jon and Chesapeake AED Services on Facebook -which I don’t use.

I run the Carroll Manor Rec Council and we recently decided we needed to update our AED’s. One extremely thorough member was assigned to do all of the leg work. It just so happened that I was at a Calvert Hall Business Luncheon and was seated with Jon Marsiglia (copied on this email)-CHC 2008. Jon’s brother Matt is CHC 2006. As we went around the table describing our businesses, Jon told us that he works at Chesapeake AED Services which his family has owned for 13 years. Jon’s dad -Cardinal Gibbons 70- is a retired firefighter. Long story short, I forwarded Jon’s contact info to my Rec Council guy and asked him to give Jon a fair look. This person did a lot of research including spreadsheets showing the 1, 5 and 10 year “cost of ownership.” He was very impressed with Jon’s professionalism and CAS as a business. CAS offered a better product and much better price.

I highly recommend AED’s to any company of size or that has many interactions with large numbers of the general public. I also highly recommend Jon Marsiglia and Chesapeake AED Services.”

Brian Caldwell
CHC 84