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Where You Buy an AED is Important

Last Updated: October 17, 2019

Sudden cardiac arrest can affect anyone, young or old, healthy or ill.  It can happen anywhere and often does when you least expect it to.

One of the only ways to save someone who is suffering from cardiac arrest is to deliver a shock to them in order to reset the irregular heartbeat that is causing the cardiac arrest.  This is done using a defibrillator and must happen within three minutes or the cardiac arrest could become fatal.

Oftentimes, cardiac arrest takes place outside of a hospital setting where manual defibrillator machines are the norm.  This means that unless you have access to a transportable defibrillator, otherwise known as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), there is simply no chance of saving the person suffering from the cardiac arrest.

If you own or manage an office or live with someone that may be susceptible to sudden cardiac arrest and are looking to purchase an AED in Maryland, there are some things you should carefully consider before deciding which AED is right for you.

Today, we will look at the important features you should look for in an AED and why purchasing from a reputable company really does make a difference.


Features All AEDs Have

AEDs are life-saving devices that any person, even those with no prior medical training, can operate to save the lives of those suffering from cardiac arrest.

All major AED brands in the United States are approved by the FDA and can be relied upon to work in the case of an emergency.  In addition, here are some other common features any AED you purchase, regardless of brand or price, will have:

  • Similar Operation – All AEDs will have similar visual and voice prompts guiding you through a rescue. They will also emit the shocks automatically after detecting a reason to do so.
  • Biphasic Waveform – Newer AED models deliver biphasic twin shocks, as this has become the industry standard. Older, monophasic AEDs are still effective, however.
  • Electronic Self-Testing – All new AED models regularly check their own circuitry and batteries and indicate visually or audibly when something is not working properly.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty – Most AEDs come with a warranty ranging between 5-10 years. Anything lower than that could mean you are purchasing a used device.


Unique AED Features

Though all AED models have very similar functions and work effectively to stop a cardiac arrest from progressing, there are features that make some AEDs more highly recommended.

Battery Life

Life expectancy and cost of batteries vary widely and can have an impact on your AED ownership costs.  For instance, some AED batteries can cost upwards of $400, but may also include2 sets of adult electrodes – which do expire and need to regularly be replaced.


Shock Levels

Different brands and models of AEDs deliver different shock levels when used, however, it should be noted that the shock value is not always directly correlated to saving someone’s life.

The truth is, sometimes patients are difficult to defibrillate and the first shock does not deliver enough power to reset the irregular heartbeat and stop the cardiac arrest.  Studies show that in these cases when multiple shocks are required, AEDs with escalating energy and 360 joules improve the shock success.


Ease of Use

Technically all AED brands should be relatively easy to use.  That’s the point of an AED; anyone can operate one despite having no medical training.  However, some are easier to use than others and can direct a layperson through what can be a very chaotic and scary time quicker and easier than most models.

AED Brand

Many business owners prefer AED devices that require only two steps required for operation: turn the device on and apply the pads.  The device takes care of the rest.  By automatically detecting whether the person in need requires defibrillation or not, and providing shock if necessary, these models calmly voice prompt the rescuer through the steps of detection and shock application, yet requiring them to do nothing but hold the pads.



Most people in an emergency situation want things to be as easy and automated as possible.  However, for those wishing to have more control over the situation, by administering the electric shock on their own by pushing a button rather than relying on the machine to deliver the shock, there are AED models with semi-automatic settings as well.


But There is More to it Than Just Features

Anyone can research online and make a purchase from a random distributor of AED devices based on the information collected.  However, considering where you buy your AED is just as important as buying the AED with the best features for you and your needs.

Chesapeake AED Services offers customers looking to buy an AED many benefits that other distributors do not:

  • Extensive accessories associated with AEDs are sold including rechargeable batteries, electrodes, carrying cases, AED signs and cabinets, CPR devices, First Aid oxygen, and training tools to complement your AED purchase.
  • Leasing options for those who want an AED but may not be able to fully afford one.
  • Knowledgeable staff who have hands-on experience in the field of emergency service and Maryland AED pilot programs, plus those certified to train others in the operation of AED use. Not only are they qualified to operate each model being sold, the professionals of Chesapeake AED Services can answer all of your questions when deciding which model to buy.
  • Maintenance Programs for registration of the AED, Medical Control by a physician, routine inspections, and other state requirements. In addition, Chesapeake AED Services can help you maintain the physical equipment such as electrode replacement.
  • AED certification courses that can be taken to increase the likelihood of you saving someone’s life. Though designed for someone with no First Aid knowledge, CPR and other First Aid may be required while saving someone from cardiac arrest and can mean the difference between life and death.  Recognizing the signs of cardiac arrest, when to contact emergency services, and when to perform CPR are all things taught by Chesapeake AED Services’ training experts.


Final Thoughts

In the end, purchasing an AED can be a lifesaving decision.  It is only a matter of minutes before someone experiencing a cardiac arrest suffers irreparable damage and even death.  By having an AED on hand for such emergencies, purchased by a reputable distributor knowledgeable in all things AED, not just sales, can make a big difference.

If you are looking to buy an AED in Maryland and want the highest quality and most trusted brands, contact Chesapeake AED Services to discuss the line of AEDs we have available.  Our experts will help you find the AED that fits your needs the best.