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How do I know which CPR class to take?

Last Updated: October 16, 2019

Which CPR class to take is one of the most frequent questions we are asked. Often, individuals are required to be CPR certified for their job. Most companies prefer or even require American Heart Association (AHA) CPR certification, which is valid for two years. There are two categories of AHA CPR training: the layperson and healthcare provider.

Layperson: If you work in a non-medical position, like in an office, construction or as a life guard, then you would take the AHA Heartsaver AED class. The Heartsaver AED class is also offered with a First-Aid portion.

Healthcare Professional: If you work in any type of medical profession, a nurse, technician, or dentist’s office, then you would take the AHA BLS (Basic Life Support) for Healthcare Providers class.

Chesapeake AED Services offered both in-classroom, hands-on instruction or online training for both the Heartsaver and BLS classes.  The second part of the required online training includes a skills assessment with a Chesapeake AED Services instructor.

Chesapeake AED Services provides CPR training for individuals and groups at their training facility or at your place of business. Call 410-238-2242 or register for an upcoming CPR Certification training class.